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Healers Bio


200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor


Certified Kids Yoga Instructor


Sound Practitioner

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Hello, I'm Faith and welcome to

Charmed Energy Healing!


Here, I am living a life that I thought I should live, simply working and taking care of my family. Before Charmed Energy Healing was founded, I've spent last 11 years in education. My job as a teacher has been fulfilling because I enjoy helping others. However, something was still missing, and what was missing was me taking care of me. I’ve always taken the initiative to help friends, family, and even strangers, but I left myself out. What I learned from that is I needed to

 of course, take care of myself so that I can continue to do what I love and that’s to help others. So, I focused to heal and balance my mind, body, soul, and health through yoga, meditation, and sound therapy. I've also been blessed with the gift of creativity. I create crystal jewelry, art pieces, and soy candles. So, if you are here, that means you are interested in finding some type of balance and healing in your life.

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