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What We Do

 Adult & Kids Yoga


Kids Art Classes

It is important to keep children active, and what better way than through yoga

Yoga has great benefits to keep children physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

  • Yoga improves memory and cognitive functioning

  • Yoga improves social relationships

  • Yoga reduces stress and anxiety

  • Yoga improves strength and breath control

  • Yoga improves independence and coping skills

  • Yoga improves determination and perseverance

  • Yoga improves sleep

  • Yoga improves self-regulation

 Sound Therapy

Crystal Healing


Sound therapy helps to create a space that conditions the body for healing. The sound stimulates our circulation and immune system, cleanses our energy meridians, and lets us let go of built-up emotions in our bodies, like anger, stress, and trauma.


Tarot Reading


Tarot reading is the practice of using tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present, or future.



  • Gain clarity

  • Identify areas in need of improvement

  • Find peace

  • Make a difficult decision

  • Improve your life

  • Nurture your relationships

The predictions of a tarot reading are not set in stone. Every decision and move you make each day affects your life.

Scented Soy 
Spiritual Candles
Candles can help you relax, feel calm, and energized.
Charmed Energy Healing carries handmade scented soy candles.

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Spiritual Candles Coming Soon!

Guided Meditation
Does guided meditation work? Meditation is a practice that dates back thousands of years. Meditation helps you to manage your stress and reduce negative emotions while increasing your self-awareness. A deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind is the goal of meditation. There are different forms of meditation. 
Guided Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Transcendental Meditation, and Yoga.

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