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Our Linen and Room is very easy to use and a great way to freshen any room with your favorite scent.


Warm bases of amber and oak moss are nicely balanced with lemon and eucalyptus. Driftwood Beach creates an aroma reminiscent of being on a beachside trail on Jekyll Island.


Driftwood Beach


  • Shake well before using and spray into the center of the room away from your face and eyes. Hold bottle 8" - 10" away from linen areas so the mist falls onto the surface. Not intended to be used as a body spray. Keep away from children and pets. Patch test in a conspicuous area to check for discoloration.


    • Mist on a washcloth and put in the dryer
    • Mist on pet bedding
    • Mist in air condition filters
  • High-Quality Fragrance Oils
    Ingredients: Water, surfactant, isopropyl alcohol, dipropylene glycol

    ◆ Beautiful Aluminum Bottle

    Net Contents: 4 oz.

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