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Our Linen and Room is very easy to use and a great way to freshen any room with your favorite scent.


This fresh, clean & citrus floral scent opens with jasmine, sandalwood,  and warm, rich cedar notes. Wrap yourself in the aroma of clean linen sheets that were line-dried on a breezy day.



Laundry Day

  • Shake well before using and spray into the center of the room away from your face and eyes. Hold bottle 8" - 10" away from linen areas so the mist falls onto the surface. Not intended to be used as a body spray. Keep away from children and pets. Patch test in a conspicuous area to check for discoloration.


    • Mist on a washcloth and put in the dryer
    • Mist on pet bedding
    • Mist in air condition filters
  • High-Quality Fragrance Oils
    Ingredients: Water, surfactant, isopropyl alcohol, dipropylene glycol

    ◆ Beautiful Aluminum Bottle

    Net Contents: 2 oz.

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